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Announcing the pixelplant auto-conversion

Posted 23 Apr 2013

We are really proud to annouce the launch of the Flash to HTML5 auto-conversion. This means that you now will get the converted result right away, just a few seconds after you have uploaded your file.

Go ahead and test your SWF files here.

New service improvements

For the past six months we have been working with selected customers to get a better picture on the Flash content out there. The amount of different content is amazing, we were surprised by the requests we got from industries such as online gaming, education, private companies, industrial automation and many others. We are now open for anyone wanting to convert your Flash content / SWF files to HTML5.

Direct download

You now can download the converted result directly and use it on your website. Simply click on the download button and save the ZIP file on your harddisk.

Go take a look at the following example exported and converted straight from the Flash IDE.

Embed the conversion

We also offer the option of embedding the converted result as you are used to from services like YouTube or others. Just copy & paste the code into your blog or website and be sure that we keep your content up to date and working on the latest browsers.

Take a look at the embedded example in action:

Free trial

For the next weeks the service will remain free, so go ahead and convert all your content :) Once we reach a level of stability which we are happy with, we will charge for conversions and expand on the services we offer.

Current support

Currently we support SWF only, a basic subset of ActionScript 2 and a broader set of ActionScript 3. If your file doesn’t convert well, please let us know by answering when we ask whether the conversion worked. We will then prioritize and fix issues one by one. If you are lucky you will receive an email with a working version not long after.

So, if you have Flash content and want to convert it to HTML5, go test it here.

Help us convert the web from Flash to HTML5

Help us spread the word - anyone who writes a little blog post about our service will receive a wonderful pixelplant t-shirt, and they are limited! Just let us know about it.

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